I Knew I Loved You...Did You? Now available for purchase!
Today is a big day for me since my very first story is officially for sale through ebook publishing.
click on the link to purchase it and I will be grateful no matter what! There's also free sampling of the story to see if you wanna buy it!
Happy reading!

So much time had passed

Hello again,

I am going to tell you now about my second story. This one by far had surpassed my first story! It is a love story between a rich, hot player who in the middle of his shall I say 'Prime' got challenged by a dead relative to settle down and maybe find true love. Oh, shoot, I forgot to mention about the girl, eh? Well, the girl is also in the same rich society but she turned away from it all a few years back. How did they meet? I guess, you'll have to read the story to find out, eh? Well, I attached the link above and yes  it is finished. No, I am still in the middle of revising & editing it just to make it better!
Tata for now!

I knew I loved you...Did you?

This is my first time posting anything on LJ. Why the sudden curiosity to post on the site? Well, I have been busy on an ebook website called WATTPAD.com. It is a site where up and coming authors write/post/read stories. It is awesome as it let's others with potential the support they need. Okay, why am I still talking about this? I started my own story you can check it out through this link: http://www.wattpad.com/924692-i-knew-i-loved-you-did-you

It's a work in progress and I would really appreciate it people start paying attention or even giving it a glance.

Thanks in advance oh, and you can support me by Commenting on the story through the link, Voting or even being a fan!!!

Ciao for now


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